Meet our Polo Instructors

  Nacho Ballesteros – Polo Manager
Nacho Ballesteros has been Polo Manager at Hertfordshire Polo Club for the past seven years. During this time he has played actively both on and off the pitch! His handicap has increased from 2 to 4, he has qualified as a Polo Instructor and has also appeared on the BBC’s A Question of Sport! During his time with Herts Polo Club Nacho has been committed to helping the Club evolve and grow and has sponsored The San Antonio Cup for the past six years. In addition to helping many members develop their game he has hosted polo trips to his estancia in Argentina and has helped guests to buy a few ponies whilst they were there.
Nacho’s top polo tip: Improve your polo by taking regular lessons and practising hard
Favourite polo pony:
  Martin State – Head Instructor
Martin was taught to ride at the age of five in 1945 by his Father who also introduced him to polo aged 18. Martin served with the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillary and was stationed in North London. Despite being on permanent 24 hour call Martin regularly used to nip off to Woolmers Park for a match! Martin has always played as an amateur playing off 2 goals in the 1980s. He has played at a variety of Clubs but his heart has always been at Herts Polo Club, where he now derives huge satisfaction from passing on his passion and knowledge of the game.
Martin’s top polo tip: Give up before you go bankrupt
Favourite polo pony:
  Ron Mees – Polo Instructor
Ron Mees is a legend in his own lifetime. He is one of our most established Polo Instructors and is also Head Commentator during the summer season. Ron began playing polo in 198and has played  continuously ever since. At the height of his polo playing career his handicap was 2. A committed  amateur Ron gets huge satisfaction from galvanising his team-mates and students to greater heights. Whilst Ron devotes much of his energy to coaching he still regularly plays in tournaments at Herts Polo Club where his enthusiastic and vocal encouragement to his fellow team-mates can be heard clearly from the Clubhouse!
Ron’s top polo tip: Practice makes perfect
Favourite polo pony:
Whichever one I am winning on!