All members are welcome to keep their ponies at livery at Hertfordshire Polo Club.  With in excess of 140 acres of paddocks, and over 40 stables our livery facilities are second to none.

Our dedicated team of grooms under the supervision of Polo Manager, Nacho Ballesteros are responsible for the ponies.  You can choose to keep your ponies at either full polo livery at grass or full stabled livery.

Full Polo livery at grass includes:

  • • Corral or paddock as necessary for your ponies based on shared usage
  • • Provision for ponies in daytime corral or paddock and turn out at night
  • • Hard feed for ponies morning and evening
  • • Full exercise Tuesday to Sunday as required
  • • Tack cleaned and maintained
  • • Given one hour’s notice ponies will be tacked up ready to play or practice
  • • Arrangement of vet and farrier appointments as required
  • • Management of the exercise and feed supervised by Polo Manager
  • • Transport and schooling of ponies
  • • Please contact us for any enquiries

If you would prefer to keep your ponies at our stabled polo livery we are happy to accommodate this.

Please note: all livery prices exclude farrier and vet fees.