Experience Polo Day from £220.00 per person

Beyond its glamour polo is a tactical team sport testing the physical and mental agility of the players. Good communication skills, an ability to think strategically, react quickly and work as a team is imperative to winning the match.

To take part in a polo match is totally exhilarating and truly unforgettable. The ‘Experience Polo’ Day has been devised to challenge and thrill guests whilst providing the ideal forum for teambuilding and fun. The Club hosts ‘Experience Polo Days’ year round. 

No riding experience or knowledge of the game is necessary; in fact most participants of this day have never ridden before. Our instructors are all extremely experienced polo players and are accredited by the sport’s governing body The Hurlingham Association.

Safety is of paramount importance to us.  All of our staff are highly trained and we select our polo ponies for their quiet, well mannered and responsive natures.

Catering for groups of between eight and twenty-four, we are happy to adapt the ‘Experience Polo’ Day to meet your requirements with half day and evening events as well as the full day available. Please contact us for a full quotation and to book your day.

A Typical ‘Experience Polo Day’


Guests meet in the Clubhouse where the Coaches will give an introductory talk over coffee and croissants. The group will be divided into either two or three depending on the total number and they will then rotate round the following different activities: 
• Being paired with a polo pony and taught how to ride for polo
• Being taught the four polo shots using full size mallets on wooden boxes
• The rules and tactics of the game are explained and guests practise tactics and positions on
   the ground.

Lunch is served on the Veranda or in the Clubhouse


Guests watch a polo display by profesional players commentated by the coaches. They then remount for their first ‘Stick and Ball’ session where they put together all the things that they have learnt that morning. After this there is a review session where the coaches will discuss everyone’s progress. Guests then remount for their Instructional Chukka where they will get the chance to compete against each other. Finally, everyone retires to the Clubhouse for well earned drinks and optional prize-giving.

Please see our testimonials page to read what previous clients have said about their own ‘Experience Polo Days”.